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…What do you mean this is not what happened in the movie?

We mustn’t have been in the same movie theater.


Well done, dovahkiin.

May i present you…The Frozen Beast”. (Part 1/?)

And the Red Fox is back! This is totally canon in my head, if you haven’t noticed. Now i just lack werewolf!Hans and maybe some Potter!AU with a fox patronus. Otherwise, that’s just his nickname. 

I’ve been having a terrible art-block towards a commission, so i thought "what should i do to relax my brain and still do something cool?" (senpai advice: not drawing is not an option, NEVER do that), and then this happened. It was only 3 screens in the beginning…but who am i kidding, crossing B&B with Hanna has been a dream of mine for AGES, so this was the perfect opportunity to do it. I had to ignore some other screens, though…*looks at them lovingly*

For those interested in the narrative-adaptation, please read below the cut. Many things had to be changed for this to work.

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I don’t ship Hanna, but I’m in love with the drawings. <3 Aww *-*

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O bandeirinha também era fã de Messi rsrs

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"We gave absolutely everything, but it wasn’t enough to win the cup. But we think that, maybe, we still gave the fans some joy. We went to Brazil with many doubts, but we came back stronger than ever. We will keep on working hard to bring joy to the country."

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We wanted to bring the Cup home. We tried, we gave everything we had and we couldn’t do it but we gave the country a great joy having reached the final and having played it without giving anything up.

We went there with many doubts from people and media but we came out stronger than ever, the group we formed was fantastic, united and that carried us until the last game. We’ll keep on working to bring more joy to Argentina.

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Leo Messi - 13/07 world cup

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some fanart with my Winty i made before game Arg - Ned.


Leo, please dont be sad, cuz you are great cutie <3 

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Australian Dancer/Choreographer Joseph Simons
Photographed by David Kawena.

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Aguero sempre apoiando a Messi

meine babies <3 <3 <3 Aguerokun and Messi <3

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Messi e os companheiros antes do treino dessa tarde


Messi e os companheiros antes do treino dessa tarde

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Practical wings created as a starting point for the CGI ones on Maleficent! 

I want to try and create a pair of wings of this size (personal project ;) ) These photos are a great inspiration! 



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DIY How to Dress Your Shape Infographic from IGIGI.

this is so awesome because usually the model for the type is super skinny but this I can actually use God bless.

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DreamWorks logos in different movies (that I have)
requested by anon

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